Ali Fedotowsky's Bachelorette Blog: Desiree's Choice and the Secrets Behind the Finale

Exclusive! Find out what the former Bachelorette thought of this season's penultimate episode

By Ali Fedotowsky Aug 06, 2013 5:07 PMTags
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Editor's Note: Season six Bachelorette and current host of NBC's 1st Look Ali Fedotowsky is blogging exclusively on E! Online about the current season of The Bachelorette, giving her reactions and spilling behind-the-scenes secrets.

Congratulations, Desiree and Chris! I've said since the second episode, in this same blog for E! Online, that Chris would be the one in the end. Honestly, the editing of the show is what put that thought in my head. So I'm happy to finally say that the spoilers were wrong and I'm glad they were. I think Desiree and Chris are such a sweet couple and I couldn't be happier for them! 

There is no real point in dissecting last night's episode since we all know who she picked at this point, so instead, I'll speak more generally about how it ended and answer some Twitter questions. 

First, I can completely relate to Desiree's situation. My season was so similar to hers in so many ways. A guy I really cared about left, and I sent my "second guy" home early. My heart was breaking for her early on in the episode because I knew exactly what she was going through. And I'm really glad she was able to see what she had with Chris. 

I also think it's super important that she was honest with him before he proposed. He could have left her for being so honest, but that's not true love. True love is unconditional. And I never say this after a season of this show, but I truly believe that this relationship is real and could last! I've grown to respect and adore Desiree over the past few months and I know she is in love. I can just tell. Us girls know when our girlfriends are in love.

Say what you want about them, you can say she's "settling" and that they won't last because she wanted Brooks. I'm pretty certain Desiree doesn't care what people say. She's in love and it doesn't matter what you, or I, or anyone else thinks. But I will say this, at the end of the day love isn't a fairy tale. Relationships don't always work out the way we think they should, but they do work out the way they should. Desiree and Chris were meant to end up together at the end of this season. I truly believe that. No one can say what the future holds, I just wish them both a lifetime full of happiness!

Time for Twitter questions:

Peggy (@peggyharrington) asks @alifedotowsky @eonline: At this point in the show wouldn't Des know who's the one for her, thus making these dates awkward/unnecessary?
Good point. Yes, that's absolutely true. Honestly, throughout the entire season you go on dates with guys you know aren't right for you, but you need to give everyone a fair chance. Towards the end of the season, you aren't able to give time to guys you know you aren't into and and you also don't want to waste their time. That's why Desiree said goodbye to Drew early, and that's why I said goodbye to Chris on my season before having a final date with him. I knew who I was going to choose and I wasn't going to put him through another date and possibly a proposal. But not everyone is able to send people home before their dates. If everyone did that, there wouldn't be a show! 

Vanessa (@Nessalba) asks: Do the  ex-bachelorette and her fiancée leave the country immediately?
Not necessarily. On my season, we got another extra five days in Tahiti after the proposal. I'm sure Des and Chris got some time to be together as an engaged couple in Antigua. 

Katie (@KatieCmpbll) asks: At what point during filming do you get to have contact with people outside of the show?
You don't really ever get to during filming. You can technically ask the producers to call home, and it's really up to them whether or not you can. Once filming is done, you basically go back to your normal life. As normal as it can be at that point. 

Erika (@erikastu88) asks: When does the bachelor/ette get to tell their family who they picked?
I told my family the day I got home from filming. I also told my closest friends. I know Desiree told her family right away as well. 

Caitlyn (@CaitlynMartin10) asks: I've always wanted to know: Do the men buy the ring themselves?
No. Neil Lane provides the rings. And they are valued upwards to $60 or 70 thousand! Crazy! Unless you're Kim and Kanye, not many people could afford that. 

Alright guys. That's it for me. It's so fun for me to dissect the editing each season to try and figure out who the winner is. I'm pretty psyched I got it right this season! Make sure to follow me on Twitter at @alifedotowsky because I'll be doing the same thing during Juan Pablo's season. 

Speaking of Juan Pablo, YESSSSSS! 

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