Joan Smalls' 3 Rules for a Hot Body

Model shares her fitness and diet secrets, emphasizes portion control and cardio workouts

By Bobby Schuessler Jul 30, 2013 8:03 PMTags
Joan SmallsRabbani and Solimene Photography/WireImage

Looking to shed a few extra pounds this summer, but not sure where to start? Take a cue from a top model!

We ran into Puerto Rican beauty and Victoria's Secret Angel Joan Smalls in New York City and put her to the test: How does she always look so thin and trim?

"Well genetics help," Joan says. But what else? A little cardio and portion control, too. 

So if you want to look model-ready while you still have a few weeks left of summer, read on for Joan's three rules for maintaining a totally hot body. 

Here's what she shared:

1. Do Cardio. Whether you like to run, walk or dance, cardio is key. "Cardio is important," Joan says. "I used to box, and still do some at times." Our tip: Instead of taking an elevator to work, take the stairs. Is your commute short? Opt for a quick bike ride, rather than jumping in your car. Every bit of cardio helps.

2. Eat Veggies. "Eat veggies, lots and lots of veggies," she says "A good tip is to substitute some of the larger portions of what you love, and that's not always best for you, with more veggies." Our suggestion? Next time you eat a burger, swap out the fries for a small salad. Not sure what to have for lunch? Add a veggie platter to a lean protein to keep you full and satisfied until dinnertime!

3. Don't Diet. "I don't believe in dieting because I'm Puerto Rican, and it's really hard to not eat what you love," she says. "It's in my blood to eat rice and beans, so I've learned to manage portions because you get to eat a little bit of what you absolutely love and crave." Just ensure you're eating what you love in moderation. So instead of eating an entire slice of that chocolate cake you crave, cut it in half. You'll still satisfy your craving without consuming the unnecessary calories.

Noted! We'll definitely be keeping these healthy tips in mind as we finish out the summer.

How do you get your body bikini-ready?  Tell us in the comments below.

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