Alexa Chung Shares Her Style Inspirations—Watch the Video!

TV host gives her fashion inspirations in an interview with

By Nicole Adlman Jul 17, 2013 8:30 PMTags

Fashion It-girl Alexa Chung has a dressing style that's hard to capture in one word: The British TV personality mixes vintage and mod pieces to craft looks that have both an edge and a hint of romance. In a new video interview with, Chung explains some of her fashion inspirations.

"I'm definitely very focused on the '60s and that kind of music scene," she said.

Earlier in the video, Chung makes a modest reference to her multifaceted career: "I sort of select music and model I suppose." In actuality, the Brit babe's repertoire is only expanding, with a new book and L'Oreal campaign on the horizon. 

Chung's outfit choices stem from familiar territory with most fashionistas: her changing mood.

"If I need to be strong or I'm into being someone that's difficult then I wear more masculine, tailored things," she said. "Whereas if I am feeling a bit more feminine and girly, then it's nice to wear a dress. It really is that simple."

For the shoot, Chung favored a periwinkle-hued Valentino frock with long sleeves and scalloped detailing. In general, she says styling is less about wearing something first and more about piecing the ensemble together.

"I don't think it matters where you get your ideas from, it's how you put it all together," Chung said. "And so, inherently, even if you are kind of emulating someone's style it's going to be different because it's a different attitude—you've got a different face, different haircut."

And Chung loves the search for chic new fashion finds: "I'm a shopaholic—I don't know, there's something about the process of feeling like you're collecting a gem [that] I really enjoy. The way I shop is kind of instinctive but also impulsive," she said, noting that one of her favorite pieces in real life is a Saint Laurent leather dress. 

Chung feels that dressing is the ultimate self-assertion—a way to talk about yourself to others without speaking any words, adding, "…the way that you express yourself is quite often through clothes, even if you don't know it."

In the end, for Chung, personal style is about having fun and reinventing oneself with an outfit.

"I play different characters, and that's why I like different clothes," she said. 

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