Alexa Chung, It

Penguin Books

Can't wait for Alexa Chung's style book?

Then you're in luck, because the Brit babe has taken to Twitter to give her fans a sneak peek at her new tome.

"Do judge a book by It's [sic] cover," Chung wrote, along with a pic of a pretty pink cover.

Sounds like the television personality is pretty satisfied with the end result! Though, there isn't too much to for us to judge, given the fact that the Twitpic only reveals the cover art—a close-up of what appears to be Chung's eye done up in shimmery metallic eyeshadow—and the work's short-and-sweet title: It. (Get her tweet now? Judge a book by It's cover?)

We're guessing that Chung's referring to the It Girl tag many people attach to her name, but we're pretty sure the Twitter-happy gal will tease us with many more clues in the coming months about what we can expect from her new work.

Just last week, she gave us our first look at her debut ad for L'Oréal via the social networking site, so we think it's only a matter of time until she's sharing more shots from the pages of her upcoming style bible!

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