Brooks Brothers The Great Gatsby

Courtesy: Brooks Brothers

Looks like Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire won't be the only fellas looking dapper this summer.

American menswear brand, Brooks Brothers announced a new Great Gatsby collection inspired by Buz Luhrmann's film, which is based on the iconic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Being that the New York-based brand produced more than 500 outfits for 3-D film with costume designer Catherine Martin, an exclusive fashion collaboration seemed like a natural way to celebrate the upcoming Warner Bros. flick. Martin has said one reason she decided to work with the preppy clothing brand was because "Fitzgerald was a Brooks Brother costumer."

The 1920s-style collection will include tailored suits, shirts, ties, shoes and of course, tuxedos. Although the film doesn't hit theaters until May 10, the limited-edition items will be available April 15.

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