Well, she wouldn't be Nicki Minaj if her life were normal. But today might be a particularly bizarre (and definitely awesome) day in the life of the American Idol rapper.

Exhibit A: The Elle covergirl sat down for an Elle.com interview with...herself! Nicki Nicole perfected the part of the nervously excited reporter (trust us, we've seen a million of 'em) and even got herself to admit that she likes wearing black thongs.

"Nicole look better than you, dats my bew," Nicki retweeted from one fan. We like them both.

Elsewhere, Exhibit B:

This...uh, eccentric performance from last night's episode of Glee. In it, Jane Lynch covers Nicki's hit "Super Bass" in full Nicki-mode, including a pink leopard-print bodysuit and wig (in the above video, you have to skip forward a bit past Darren Criss).

And Nicki loved it. "*kisses Jane & everyone @ Glee* HILARIOUS!!!!!!!" she tweeted this morning.

We, on the other hand, have a few reservations: Jane, is someone forcing you to do this? You can tell us.

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