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We already know where Prince William and Kate Middleton's child will be born (the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital in London), where the little prince or princess will live (Kensington Palace, when renovations are done) and what kind of upbringing the tot can expect (rarefied, charmed and oh-so-blue-blooded).

But one lingering question remains: Just what will the royal baby look like?

A few enterprising folks want to make things easy for everyone: They've worked their guessing-game magic (and Photoshop wizardry) to help produce composite images of the royal spawn's face, well before The Duchess of Cambridge even goes into labor!

South African geneticist Suretha Erasmus has drawn on some nifty scientific know-how to help illustrators create an image of Will and Kate's child.

Per The Huffington Post, the esteemed scientist believes the royal heir could inherit Kate's brunette hair, given the predominance of dark genes.

She also posits that because William inherited many of Princess Diana's facial features, there's a strong likelihood that the child could resemble the late Princess of Wales.

Of course, in the service of covering all bases—not to mention satiating everyone's curiosity—Erasmus has come up with mock-up images of the couple's firstborn as a boy and a girl and as a toddler and a grown-up. Snazzy!

Hard-core royal watchers also have their own ideas about just whom the royal baby might resemble.

"Certainly, Princess Diana was very tall, very slender—they're also qualities that Kate and William have as well," the Daily Mirror's royal reporter, Victoria Murphy, tells ABC News, which also created its own composite of the royal baby—with spiky hair!

Royal Baby


Meanwhile, Nickolay Lamm, an artist and researcher based in Pittsburgh, consulted with Jenny Chen, a MIT graduate student who studies genetics, to create an image of the royal child as a 25-year-old man or woman.

The duo's theories? That the child may take after many of Kate's traits, including almond-shaped eyes, olive skin, dark hair…and dimples!

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Duchess Catherine, Child Rendering

Nickolay Lamm/myvouchercodes.co.uk

Still, William's DNA may be amply represented: The royals are known to have fuller lips, which is a dominant trait.

Whomever the royal baby ultimately resembles, you can be sure of one thing: The baby will have inherited some truly enviable genes!

(Originally published on Feb. 28, 2013, at 1:36 p.m. PT.)

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