Sean Lowe, The Bachelor

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Sean Lowe doesn't hold his emotional punches!

Sean sat down with host Chris Harrison for The Bachelor: Sean Tells All special, in which he spoke honestly about feeling "duped" by polarizing contestant Tierra LiCausi, who is now engaged to another man. He also reveals who he wishes he would have kept in the competition instead of Tierra.

During the special, Sean also talked about his tense conversation with Desiree's brother Nate during last night's episode, admitting, "I wanted to punch him." But was Nate the reason Sean ended up sending fan-favorite Des home?

Though tensions between Tierra and the rest of the ladies had been building all season, it came to a head in St. Croix, which lead to Sean asking her to leave before the rose ceremony after her emotional breakdown.

"When I watch it back, I'm like, 'Man I was such a fool,' because I really do feel like I was duped," Sean admits. "Oh man. My take is Tierra never should have come on the show. She's not suited for this show. She doesn't know how to handle herself in this environment. I hope that she's learned from this, but she's a woman who simply can't get along with her peers."

Sean maintains that he had no idea what was going on in the house with the controversial contestant and reveals, "Had I caught wind of everything the girl did earlier, I wouldn't have kept her. In hindsight, I wish I would have kept Jackie on the 2-on-1."

But Tierra wasn't the only villain this season as fans were shocked to see how aggressive Des' brother Nate was with Sean during her hometown date, saying he didn't think Sean really liked his sister and calling him "a playboy."

When asked by Chris if Des had told him about her brother, Sean says, "Des had told me that her brother had gotten into some trouble as a youth and he's kind of straightened himself out, but he's still a little wild at heart. She definitely didn't prepare me for what transpired. At first I even thought maybe he's joking, but after 30 seconds of him ranting, I started to realize he's not joking."

And the conversation with Nate brought out a side of Sean viewers had never seen before. "I really wanted to hit him. I really did, because I can't think of a bigger insult to hurl towards me because that's not who I am at all," Sean reveals. "Anyone who knows me knows I'm the furthest thing from a playboy. Attacking my character is the quickest way to get me heated, but I knew Des and her parents were sitting just inside the house. I didn't want to make this a bigger ordeal than it already was. So it took everything in me just to basically control my emotion."

Something viewers didn't see was that Nate "was the first person I spoke to that evening," Sean reveals, as a clip of the brother telling Sean he "seems like a nice dude" plays.  "I chalk it up to him being a jackass," the Bach says of Nate's change of heart during the night.

But was Des' brother's behavior the reason Sean sent her home? "I think I would be lying to myself if I didn't say her brother influenced me a little bit; just picturing myself being in their family. I'm not sure I want this guy as my brother-in-law," Sean admits, "but there were other areas in my relationship with Des that were lacking."

What did you think of The Bachelor: Sean Tells All special? Were you shocked to hear Sean say he wished he had sent Tierra home earlier? Do you think Des' brother was "a jackass"?

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