Chris Brown had his day in court yesterday—and decided to bring Rihanna along for the ride. (Let's not forget that he's on probation for assaulting her.) So, now that it is everybody's business, it's only fair that we want to know what happened, so our Live From E! hosts get into it.

Also on the show, Catt Sadler hosted a game of "No Freakin' Way!" where Marc Malkin and Melanie Bromley had to decide which headlines were real and which…well, you get the rest.

Finally, we discussed Jay Leno's kiss with Jesse Heiman and of course, the new dress code for the Grammys. Watch the replay to hear the crazy details of the code (including, and we quote, no "buttock crack" allowed!) and what we think is going to happen as a result of the, uh, crackdown.

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