Bar Refaeli, Jay Leno

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Jay Leno was looking to make more advertising magic whenBar Refaeli visited The Tonight Show.

"That Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial you did was great, it was one of my favorites," Leno told the lovely model before the opening of Wednesday's show. "I'm thinking, any chance we could recreate the ad?"

"Sure!" Refaeli said graciously. "Pucker up."

As Leno closed his eyes, in walked Jesse Heiman, Refaeli's makeout partner from her now infamous commercial. And he was more than happy to replay the kissing scene with Leno!

Memo for next year's concept, Go Daddy.

"Now I feel like I'm not the only one," Refaeli joked later as she and Leno bonded over having both made out with Heiman, who just keeps getting luckier by the minute.

Asked if she was surprised by all the hype, Refaeli said she knew how big the Super Bowl was in America but that "I never thought this was going to happen."

She recalled doing "a lot" of takes during the day-long shoot and, yes, Heiman was "really nervous."

"I guess they liked it so much, they said, 'We want a tighter shot. And a tighter shot. And a tighter shot,'" she described shooting take after take. "I said, 'Couldn't you just bring different three cameras and go from all angles? Do I really need to do this 60 times?'"

Her 34-year-old kissing companion probably wasn't complaining.

"He's a sweetheart," Refaeli described Heiman. Oh, and the, er, sound effects?

"I haven't seen the commercial on a big screen while the volume is up," Refaeli said, "but I know that Danica [Patrick] on my right couldn't look at us. After every time, she'd look at us and go, 'Guys, the noise! The sound!'"

"Is he a good kisser?" Leno asked, to which his guest handily replied, "You tell me."

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