30 Rock Series Finale Recap: TGS Signs Off One Last Time

A rundown of all the funny and emotional moments from the NBC comedy's last episode ever

By Jenna Mullins Feb 01, 2013 2:00 AMTags
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Well, Liz Lemon did it. She went to there. And by there, we mean the end of 30 Rock.

The NBC comedy aired its final episode tonight, and no words can accurately convey the emotions we are feeling in our Tina Fey-loving hearts right now. But as it turns out, we have to say something. Even though we are still in denial, let's break down the series finale of 30 Rock by talking about the moments that made us laugh and the moments that made us cry during the hour long send-off:

Laughs Then Tears: Liz's yoda impression right before the final time we'd hear that opening credits music. We laughed and quickly collapsed into tears. We were not off to a great start.

Laughs: Kenneth's list of TV No-No Words he presented to Liz when she pitched a show about her life. The list included the words woman, shows about shows, Justin Bartha, dramedy, complex, blog and immortal characters.

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Tears: Tracy (Tracy Morgan) finds that he's not being able to function without Kenneth (Jack McBrayer), but instead of forcing him to performs page tasks like in the old days, Tracy realizes he has to set the new president of NBC free from his demanding life. What do you know? Tracy: all grown up!

Laughs: Liz finds out Tracy's contract says he must participate in 150 episodes of TGS, or he gets 50 million dollars. Turns out, they've only made 149. So TGS is up and running again, and least for one more show. Of course, Tracy will do anything possible to ruin the show so he can collect that money. Including, but not limited to bribing Al Roker to say that a "sno-acane" is coming and everyone should leave work.

Tears: Jack (Alec Baldwin) quits Kabletown when he realizes he's not happy, and he shares his newfound sense of self with Liz, insisting that work will never truly make her happy. And that pisses her off. "This whole time you've been telling me how to run my life, you didn't know what you were talking about," she rants at her former boss. The speech that follows is nothing short of emotional and very representative of Jack and Liz's relationship. Liz's most scathing line? "So we ruined each other? Good to know."

Tears: Tracy telling Liz he doesn't want to say goodbye to anyone, and that's why he doesn't want to finish the last episode of TGS. And then Liz honestly telling him that he was awful to work with, but she will miss him, because it seemed like a genuine goodbye from Tina Fey to Tracy Morgan.

Laughs: All of Lutz's ingenious ploys to be the one to pick the last free lunch: Blimpie's.

Tears: After we spent most of the episode thinking Jack might kill himself, it was sweet relief to see that he was just faking out Liz so she would know what life was like without him. In reality, Jack was just sailing away on a boat to find what makes him happy. And Liz and Jack told each other (in their own way), that they love each other.

Tears, Oh the Tears: The quick 30 Rock montage while Jenna (Jane Krakowski) sings "Rural Juror" from the upcoming musical adaptation. And Liz and Jack's final lingering look. Sob!

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Laughs and Tears: A one-year-later flashforward so we can see what everyone is up to. And then that final leap into the way into future, where Liz Lemon's great grandchild is pitching a show very much like 30 Rock to Kenneth, who is still president of NBC and most likely a cyborg.

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Best Quotes

Jack: "For the past seven years you've put out dozens of fires every day, not including the actual ones that Tracy would set."
Liz: "To keep away Frankenstein, which as far as we know, worked."

Liz (to online bully): "I'll be the one in the purple sweater and wrapping a baby swing around some skank's neck!"

Jenna: "Goodbye forever, you soup line at a gay homeless shelter!"

Tracy: "I saw his schedule on his assistant's pornography box."
Dot Com:
"You mean computer?"

Jack to Liz: "I called you up here for one meeting seven years ago and you kept coming up!"

Conan O'Brien to Liz: "We were going to lose our virginity to each other! And now I'll never lose it!"

Liz to Jack before he "jumps": "Don't you wanna know how Mad Men ends?"

Tracy, signing off: "Thank you, America. That's our show! Not a lot people watched it, but the jokes on you because we got paid anyway."

What did you guys think of the 30 Rock series finale? Tell us about it in the comments, which is where we are all gathering to mourn the loss of a truly exceptional comedy.

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