30 Rock Series Finale: Celebrating the End With the Best Stuff on the Internet

GIFs, tweets and so much more to help 30 Rock fans prepare for the series finale

By Jenna Mullins Jan 31, 2013 9:50 PMTags
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The Internet is often a cold and awful place full of people hating on Taylor Swift, shirtless Justin Bieber photos and videos that you can't unsee (like this one).

However, on a day when 30 Rock, one of the greatest TV shows of our generation, is airing its final episode, the Internet is truly awesome. The proof is in the tweets, GIFs and videos. In an effort to make sure your 30 Rock finale celebration is complete, here is a complete guide to the Internet's celebration of Liz Lemon & Co.:

Celebrity Tweets:

mindykaling: Final 30 Rock tonight. In honor of it lets all tweet our favorite 30 Rock moments!#30Rock

KenTremendous (Michael Schur, Parks and Rec creator): I don't really understand the landscape of televised entertainment without 30 Rock. Godspeed, you magnificent joke-telling machine.

GillianJacobs: A fond farewell to #30rock. A show I dreamed of acting on & whose writing I admire. I love Liz Lemon w/all my heart & say Blerg way too much

paulscheer: Congrats #30Rock - Thanks for shooting me with an arrow, making me learn Mandarin, & letting me fight Kenneth in Page-Off!

TheEllenShow: 7 hilarious years, 30 Rock ends tonight. Congratulations Tina Fey on an amazing show. I think you're incredible.

JudahWorldChamp: Pic of me as Frank Rossitano from season 3 ep 13 "Goodbye, My Friend" - one of my favorite episodes of #30Rockpic.twitter.com/XKrGWuAz

NancyPelosi: Congrats to Tina Fey for a very successful seven seasons of#30Rock. It's an honor to be part of her season finale tonight. Tune in!

ABFalecbaldwin: Tonight, @nbc30rock heads to that Rainbow Room in the sky. 30 Rock series finale, tonight.

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30 Rock Internet Fun:

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Ali Goldstein/NBC

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Jack Donaghy Role Plays as Tracy's Parents:

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Enjoy the 30 Rock fun while it lasts, folks! The series finale airs tonight on NBC.

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