Hollywood's finest have arrived at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles for the 2013 Screen Actor's Guild Awards, but before taking a seat and honoring some of their big-named colleagues, celebs stopped to talk to E! Live From the Red Carpet's Giuliana Rancic and Ross Mathews.

What'd they have to say? Well, a variety of things—to say the least...

"Yeah, here's a hint: It's gonna be brutal and apocalyptic. That's a little hint. Yeah, it's going out big, it's not gonna be pretty but it's going out big."
Anna Gunn on upcoming season of Breaking Bad

"Nothing, I'm already three sheets to the wind with my toast, half a glass down already."
Peter Facinelli on getting tipsy after his red carpet toast

Jessica Chastain

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

 "I hate my hands, by the way, they're like a little fluffy because I'm pregnant."
Busy Philips while showing off her manicure in the ManiCam

"I'm colorblind so I have no idea, but if it works then I'm thrilled."
Eddie Redmayne on Giuliana noting that his suit matches his eyes

"Only if you could say that us working together in the studio one day was making it rain, and I think we did. Creatively speaking, it was pouring."
Jim Parsons on whether or not he made it rain in the club while hanging out with Rihanna recently

"I believe so. She looked amazing and I look beautiful, too."
Ty Burrell on wearing the same designer as Michelle Obama at the Inauguration

"If I told you, I'd have to kill you and I don't wanna do that."
Darren Criss on where the Glee after party is located

"No, I don't, which is why I'll be heading to Mexico very shortly."
Elizabeth Moss on whether or not security is following her for wearing a pair of $1 million earrings

"Who cares? That girl can sing circles around anybody."
Glee's Naya Rivera on Beyoncé's lip-syncing controversy

"I love my grandma, but we have to make sure everyone is celebrated."
Jessica Chastain on bringing her mother has her date

"The way you said that…I felt a little sexy."
Bradley Cooper on whether or not he feels sexy

"Well, you know, Meryl Streep doesn't suck."
Helen Hunt on her inspiration

"I'm hoping we don't win the ensemble award because I don't want to get up on stage. You know what I mean? It's a lot of steps in front of a lot of people."
Amanda Seyfried on her heavy gown

"I had no choice, I didn't wanna be but my parents wouldn't buy me clothes so I had to wear my brother's clothes."
Jennifer Lawrence on whether or not she was a tomboy growing up

"Maybe she [Mariah Carey] can play Amy Poehler's part in the musical."
Tina Fey on Carey playing a role in a possible Mean Girls musical

"You know what? I think in Latin America once you hit a certain age you cut your age—I don't want to say [what age] because I've passed that age—but I feel like I'm still trying to enjoy my last years of long hair."
Sofia Vergara on her long, beautiful tresses

"He's getting fat, it's very exciting! All that time on the boob is starting to result in growth."
Claire Danes on her baby boy

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