Zero Dark Thirty, Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook

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Get ready for some actor-on-actor action, y'all! Because tonight is the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards, where your favorite actors give awards to their favorite actors!

The SAG Awards will air on TNT and TBS tonight (don't miss Live From the E! Red Carpet at 6 p.m. ET / 3 p.m. PT) and, in preparation for tonight's festivites, we've compiled a cheat sheet of 10 things you gotta know:

1. Jennifer Lawrence Will Be There: The Silver Linings Playbook star and awards season favorite might have pneumonia (which sidelined her from yesterday's Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards), but we have a feeling she'll stick it out to attend the SAG Awards. It's Katniss friggin' Everdeen, after all.

2. Everyone Will Be There! And Be Sick: J.Law (who, BTW, attended the Globes while fighting off the flu) won't be the only one under the weather on today's carpet. Half of Hollywood is currently sick. If only those surgical masks were considered stylish…

3. Jennifer Lawrence vs. Jessica Chastain: It's a good thing Ms. Lawrence will be in attendance, as this is the first big awards season showdown between her and the Zero Dark Thirty actress (AKA the other award season front runner). The two have previously been separated by category—comedy vs. drama—but will go head to head tonight. 

4. Silver Linings Playbook Will Probably Win: And even if Jessica Chastain steals the Lead Actress award, we have a feeling Jennifer will still hit the stage when Silver Linings bests Lincoln and Les Mis and collects the ensemble award.

5. Anne Hathaway Will Definitely Win (Again): For the supporting actresses, this award season has to be a real buzz kill. Because for most of them, a pleasure being nominated will be all it is. Anne will sweep (SAG Awards included) and hopefully not steal anyone's mic this time.

6. Daniel Day-Lewis Will Win (Again)…Maybe: While Mr. Lincoln himself is the favorite to win, there might be an upset: Hugh Jackman. Actors love how method Day-Lewis got, but they just love Jackman. Still, we think Daniel's craft will trump Jackman's popularity.

7. Betty White Could Turkey: Seriously. The Golden Girl has won the Comedy Actress award for the past two years for Hot in Cleveland because, well, it's Betty White! But she's earned enough love already. Maybe new addition Amy Poehler could score some love this year?

8. The Prodigal Modern Family Returns: So Girls upset and took home the Best Comedy win at the Golden Globes. A minor hiccup! Because everyone's favorite family (who's won at the SAG Awards for ensemble comedy the past two years) surely will win tonight, right?

9. Dick Van Dyke Will Be Hilarious: When is he not? But tonight Dick will be the proud recipient of a lifetime achievement award and, if his epic one liner last year ("Hi everyone, I'm what's left of Dick Van Dyke") is any indication, he will provide the night's best laughs.

10. No Hosts but Plenty of Laughs: The Screen Actors Guild doesn't line up hosts for the evening (sorry, no hilarious monologues from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler here), but fear not. Because they've got an A-List roster of presenters (including Justin Timberlake everyone! Justin Timberlake!) and, if history repeats itself, the stars will certainly use the opportunity to yuck it up.

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