Julie Benz

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While winter having its way with our hair is essentially unavoidable, there are a few things we can do to keep our looks looking their best.

We recently caught up with actress Julie Benz and asked her how she keeps her long, blond locks so healthy.

As it turns out, a lot of the work is done while you sleep!

Here's what the Dexter beauty had to say:

1. Sleep on Satin: "I sleep on a satin pillowcase every night because it's softer on your hair, it keeps your hair from breaking," she says. "I travel with my satin pillowcase. I never leave home without it." And as an added bonus, Julie says it's good for your skin, too! "It's also good for your face for wrinkles as well, to prevent wrinkles if you're a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper."

2. Prep It For Bed: "I also put oil in it and braid it at night, so I look like a little girl when I go to bed. But it really helps keep my hair soft and shiny and conditioned."

3. Give it a Good Trim: "It's important to get your hair trimmed on a regular basis. It makes it grow faster, in a weird way," she tells us. When you cut the dead ends off, you leave the healthy stuff, so the strands are less likely to split or break.

Considering we've never seen Julie have a bad hair day, we're gonna start taking her hair advice right away!

What are some of your favorite healthy hair tips?

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