Psy, Condo

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

So, maybe PSY doesn't hate America, after all.

The Korean rapper has just taken a giant leap toward the American dream by purchasing his very own piece of the good ol' U.S. of A.—and he paid for the $1.25 million pad in cold, hard cash!

PSY's new place is a two-bedroom, 2 1/2-bathroom condo in Westwood's prestigious Blair House building, which features a saline pool, a tennis court, a gym and a 24-hour concierge.


His fourth floor unit also boasts a balcony, so PSY can take in the sights of L.A.'s crown jewel—Beverly Hills, which is just adjacent to Westwood.

Eh—sexy ladies! Sounds like quite the bangin' bachelor pad, doesn't it?!

Not quite. The place was actually purchased under PSY's wife's name, so unless there is another interpretation of "Gangnam Style" that we aren't yet aware of, the rapper won't be entertaining anything of the sort.

What do you think of PSY making the move to L.A.? Does this show that he likes the States?

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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