PSY, Gangam Style

If PSY was hoping to put his anti-American rap behind him, well, think again.

While the "Gangnam Style" rapper wasted no time in issuing a swift apology last week after the incendiary lyrics of a protest song the South Korean rapper released nearly a decade ago came to light, the video of him performing another controversial song has now surfaced.

Yes, the Internet giveth and the Internet taketh away.

The newly leaked footage is from a 2002 performance and was reportedly given by PSY as a response to two South Korean schoolgirls being killed in an accident involving U.S. millitary.

(It's unclear if this song is different from the headline-grabbing tune whose lyrics called to "kill those f--king Yankees," as he reportedly made that performance in 2004—though his damage control apology issued Friday presumably covered all manner of past indiscretions.)

In the 10-year-old performance that has now surfaced, PSY is seen in full gold (yes, gold) face, lifting a replica U.S. tank over his head and smashing it down onstage, repeatedly attacking and dismantling it amid encouraging cheers from the crowd.

Despite the growing controversy, PSY nevertheless performed as planned at the Christmas in Washington concert over the weekend, performing for President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama in the concert hosted by Conan O'Brien. It airs on TNT Dec. 21.

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