Lindsay Lohan, Dina Lohan

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Dina Lohan is nothing if not a supportive mom.

"At this time I kindly ask that you extend to my family the time we need to address my daughter's circumstances with the appropriate parties," Lindsay Lohan's mother, who reportedly was by her 26-year-old daughter's side when she was released from custody following an overnight assault bust, said in a statement to E! News.

"As a mother you always love and pray for the best with all your children," Dina continued. "Our family's bond grows deeper and stronger during the tough times and I am beyond proud of all of my children for the love and devotion they provide for each other. We are there for and stand by one another unconditionally.

"Many thanks to all that have expressed concern for my daughter. Your compassionate thoughts and prayers are received with my deepest gratitude." 

That gratitude probably doesn't extend to ex-husband Michael Lohan, however, who tweeted Dina his concerns regarding their daughter: "@dinalohan why is it that I have to go public to get her into rehab and you want to take credit when you are part of the cause? TOLD YOU!"

And it looks like Michael received more than just compassionate well-wishes, at least via Twitter, judging responses like these to users who put in their two cents: "@BizzyBlackStar your profile of 'you like to party' makes me sick and you are in NO position to even open that trap you call a mouth!Blocked" and "@Bobby_Trendz bet ya now she gets help!Job done! Whatever it took! That's all I care about! Mind your own business!Crawl back in your 'hole.'"

Michael tried to stage an intervention at his daughter's home last month, but was promptly asked to leave when he and a few other concerned souls unexpectedly showed up at Lindsay's house.

Lindsay publicly slammed her father for recording—and subsequently releasing to the media—a frantic conversation they had in which the actress was complaining about a nasty-sounding fight she had with her mother.

"I think everyone kind of knows that my father's main objective had always been to destroy my mom," she said. 

—Reporting by Katie Rhames

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