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Lindsay Lohan apparently got an unwanted knock at the door today.

Dad Michael Lohan tells E! News that he attempted to stage an intervention for Lindsay at her Beverly Hills home this afternoon, saying he was worried she had relapsed and that it might have contributed to her allegedly failing to show up for postproduction duty on The Canyons.

(The film's producer, meanwhile, told us earlier that screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis was actually cracking an inside joke when he tweeted about Lindsay missing work and that "all is well in Canyonland.")

Beverly Hills police had no information to provide, but according to Michael, cops showed up after receiving a call about trespassers.

Michael said Lindsay was at home when he and a few other concerned souls arrived, but that a guy who called himself the actress' boyfriend wouldn't let them come in and said Lindsay's dad wouldn't be the one to solve her problems.

Lindsay's rep said they will not be commenting, telling E! News, "We're not going to use the media as a forum for discussing family matters."

He previously told us in response to the Ellis confusion that the 26-year-old has been busy promoting Liz & Dick, which premieres on Lifetime next month.

Lindsay, however, tweeted: "I don't have a boyfriend. I have Chanel, Hermes and diamonds. X"

She already wasn't her dad's biggest fan these days, saying he "betrayed" her by recording her on the phone talking about an explosive fight she had with mom Dina Lohan.

Speaking of Dina, following the intervention incident, Lindsay's mom told E! News, "Once again, my ex-husband makes every effort to make himself relevant in my daughter's life. She has made it clear she doesn't believe he is capable of being a trusted father.

"So, instead of giving her reason to trust him again--he flies from Florida to Los Angeles to coerce his way back in her life telling her lies that he wants to give Lindsay ‘her mom's back child support.' When my daughter refused to see him, he forced his way onto her property and my daughter had no choice but to call the police. This sole act by my ex was not an intervention, nor was this extreme antic sanctioned by any member of Lindsay's family or her professional team of handlers. It's all about her father obsessed with making a name for himself in the news once again. It's sad, and I hope he stops masquerading as her father in public and starts acting like one in private."

—Reporting by Katie Rhames and Claudia Rosenbaum

(Originally published Oct. 19, 2012 at 6:33 p.m. PT)

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