Carmen Electra


If you caught Carmen Electra's debut as a burlesque dancer on 90210 earlier this week , then you know the 40-year-old has a figure most women would kill for.

But before you die of envy, it might comfort you to know that Electra works hard to maintain her slammin' shape. We recently caught up with the star and drilled her for her fitness secrets. (You're welcome!)

Of course, we already knew Electra was a fan of adding a little sex appeal to her exercise routine. She did, after all, release a line of workout aerobic striptease DVDs.

"Yeah, it's a workout, it really is," Electra said about the routine that may strike some as odd.

Sure, hitting the stripper pole is an atypical form of exercise, but shaking up tried and true workouts is part of Electra's secret to maintaining her curvy yet fit physique.

"I get really bored on the treadmill and just doing the typical gym thing," Electra shared. "So, I'm always looking for something to keep me interested."

And for Electra, that means engaging both body and mind when breaking a sweat. "I think if you try to keep it fun, and you're learning something, then I'm more inspired to go take a dance class or try something different," she said.

So what's Electra's latest fitness craze? It still involves dancing, but she's traded the stripper pole for the ballet bar.

"Lately, I've just been doing my own ballet bar at home," she revealed. "I downloaded classical music, and I play it, and just do my own ballet bar. It's fun."

Sound off! Are bars and poles where it's at, or are you still into the typical gym thing?

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