Hangover 3, Twit Pic


Hung up over The Hangover? Then get ready to get drunk on some awesome new pics.

Director Todd Phillips has posted new images from the set of The Hangover 3 on his Instagram page, offering a plum behind-the-scenes sneak peek at the cast of the highly anticipated threequel, which hits theaters on May 24.

In one shot, we see leading man Bradley Cooper leaning against a storefront and looking relaxed in between takes.

Hangover 3, Twit Pic


He's also kinda dinged up: Look closely and you'll see that he's got (fake) cuts on his forehead and left hand. (Hey, it ain't The Hangover unless peeps get roughed up, right?)

Another pic shows costars Justin Bartha, John Goodman and Zach Galifianakis striking a collective badass pose that seems tailor-made for promo posters, set against a desert backdrop.

Don't expect the cast to spill much about the flick, though: They've so far remained tight-lipped about the top-secret shebang.

We recently caught up with Cooper at the AFI screening of Silver Linings Playbook, and when we asked about Hangover 3, he cracked, "They don't let me say anything. I'll get shot!"

He did confirm one thing, though: that the threequel will be the boozy boys' final bender together.

"This is it," Cooper told us. "This is the last one."

Start drinking those sorrows away!

—Reporting by John Boone

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