Bradley Cooper Kisses Hangover 3 Costar

Gillian Vigman, Ed Helms and Jamie Chung film for the third movie

By John Boone Sep 13, 2012 10:44 PMTags

The Wolfpack is back. But before the shenanigans begin with the boys, the gang is partaking in some lovey-dovey moments with their onscreen love interests. Cue Bradley Cooper and his kissable lips.

The Hangover 3 has officially commenced filming here in Hollywood (we celebrated the announcement with some shots and a blood-brother pact, how 'bout you?) and yesterday Cooper was seen swapping spit with costar Gillian Vigman, who has played his wife Stephanie in all three films, while shooting scenes at The Grove.

The plot of this third installment—which (gasp!) does not feature a wedding—is top secret ("it's like the CIA," one costar said!) but, if the coziness between Cooper and Vigman, as well as Ed Helms and his onscreen wifey, Jamie Chung, is any indication, things are going tip-top with these couples.

Wonder how long that'll last!