Brad Pitt, World War Z

Jaap Buitendijk/Paramount Pictures

Brad Pitt, save us from the killer zombies in World War Z!

Based on Max Brooks' brilliant, mock history of a mysterious epidemic that overtakes the planet, World War Z has also presented a challenge to filmmakers to turn the story into a straight narrative film (or trilogy). But after reported reshoots and some script tinkering, we're getting to see just what this zombie apocalypse looks like. And it looks awesome.

Opening up with a mysteriously unfolding attack on a city, Pitt and his picture-perfect family are immediately in peril, and the trailer takes off as quickly as the invading force of walking running dead. While the plot will surely be different from the book, the trailer shows glimpses of some of the more memorable sections, such as floating populations trying to avoid the undead on land (and, ugh, at sea).

It's too soon to tell if the movie will succeed, but we gotta say the trailer looks fantastic.

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