Brad Pitt

Danny Martindale/FilmMagic

Brad Pitt's much-anticipated World War Z zombie flick won't be released until next Christmas, but producers are reportedly already thinking about turning the sci-fi adventure into a trilogy.

One of Pitt's costars confirms the possibility is very real...

"That book [the flick is based on the best-selling tome of the same name] is such a thick dense book of so many socio- and political and economic views that says a lot about us as people," James Badge Dale told me last night at the L.A. premiere of his new crazy scary adventure thriller, The Grey. "So I think we'd like to make 18 more World War Z's and we'd still have more material because it's an ongoing story."

The Los Angeles Times reported last week that World War director Marc Forster and Paramount see a potential franchise like Matt Damon's Jason Bourne series mixed with AMC's The Walking Dead.

But Dale's not fretting if they don't move beyond the one movie. "It's a very odd thing to stand on set and look this way and there's a zombie and you look that way and there's Brad Pitt," he said. "That's something no one will ever prepare you for in drama school."

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