Despite the fact that Ken Baker got in a fender bender this morning, he still showed up to join Catt Sadler and Kristin Dos Santos for a very exciting version of Live From E! today.

First things first, with all the rumors flying around about Cheryl Burke being the next Bachelorette, Kristin Dos Santos talked exclusively with her about the possibility of being on the show and she's got the straight scoop for us!

In other TV news, we all saw that thing in Britney Spears' ear on The X Factor last night—so is it really just an "ear plug" or are the producers feeding her lines?!  

Plus, Savannah Guthrie is determined to get an answer out of Robsten about their relationship. See how Rob reacted when she tossed him the forbidden question.

Finally, watch the replay to see which celebs made it into Catt's hilarious new "What Were They Thinking?" segment! 

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