Jimmy Fallon


This is what happens when Jimmy Fallon bumps into Lindsay Lohan in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

The Late Night host had an unexpected story to share with Andy Cohen on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live on Thursday night regarding a random run-in he had with the thesp two days after the superstorm hit the East Coast and knocked out his power.

Fallon recounted how he decided on Wednesday night to go for dinner at Tao, an Asian fusion restaurant in Manhattan's midtown district when suddenly he heard someone say, "Jimmy!"

Lo and behold, it was LiLo.

"She goes, 'Are you here by yourself?' I go, 'Yeah.' She goes, 'How embarrassing,'" the funnyman told Cohen. "She goes, 'Well, just eat with us. Hang out with us.' I go, 'All right.'"

According to Fallon, the two subsequently had dinner together and hung out with two of her friends. They discussed Cohen's show and Real Housewives (Lohan's a "giant fan," he said) among other subjects.

When asked by Cohen how Lohan was faring given all the drama that's surrounded her lately (like her estranged dad's failed attempt to stage an intervention, for example), Fallon said the actress was "loose and cool" and totally "sobes."

But don't go thinking there were any sparks, as the encounter was totally platonic. And anyway, Fallon is married to Drew Barrymore's producing partner, Nancy Juvonen.

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