Bam Margera


In hindsight, Bam Margera would have done a few things differently.

Starting with not holding a fake gun to a pit bull puppy's head and posing for pictures.

But because he did that, and caught hell for it, the Jackass star is understandably feeling some fake-firearm-wielder's remorse. 

"A friend brought over a fake gun for me, saying if I have another naked [alleged] stalker break-in, 'You can scare them with this,'" Margera exclusively told E! News Tuesday, referring to an incident last month in which he woke up to find a nude woman standing in his bedroom in West Chester, Pa. (She has since been charged with burglary, criminal trespass and stalking.)

"Then I started playing with the gun and taking pics," he continued. "Well, Penny pooped in my bed, I said, 'If it happens again, she goes bye-byes!' What I didn't know is that there was an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about people in the area burning dogs in cages.

"That is terrible," Margera concluded, "and I didn't know that. If I did, I never would have posted it. I am an animal lover and on Jackass, therefore I like jokes and shock value. It was bad timing on me. And I should have said the gun was fake."

As for Penny, who is perfectly safe and sound (and still so adorable), she'll be staying with a friend of Margera's while he travels to Los Angeles and Florida on business for 10 days.

"We'll see how that goes. [My friend] will get attached and try to keep it," he said.

Meanwhile, PETA released a statement regarding the incident:

"Bam Margera recognized and admitted that it was irresponsible to take the picture and post it online—and he's right. With social networking, 'innocent jokes' can easily be misinterpreted and shared with millions of people—including a fan who might not be playing with the whole deck."

As for Bam, a source tells us that the stunt aficionado will be in L.A. shooting a new show for TBS in which he and two others judge contestants on their Jackass-style stunts, and the winner gets a monetary prize.

Now that's what we call paying it forward.

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