Bam Margera, Facebook pic

Even professional pranksters get their butts kicked sometimes.

Last week, Jackass star Bam Margera was hospitalized in Oregon after his kayak plunged over a 100-foot cliff. Contour, a hands-free HD camera, posted a picture of the cliff that banged up Bam on their Facebook page Friday.

And based on the shot of the 32-year-old daredevil and professional kayaker Steve Fisher "dropping a massive waterfall in a a tandem kayek," as the caption says, it makes total sense why Bam sustained some injuries from the fall.

The MTV reality star did have to undergo a hernia operation as a result of the drop, but fortunately, he's already on the mend. Last week he tweeted a shot of himself post-surgery in the hospital bed cheekily giving a thumbs-up to the camera.

Contour will be releasing the full video of Bam's fall on June 11.

Until then, stay safe, Bam!

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