Madeleine Stowe, Revenge


How glamorous it is to be back in the Hamptons.

Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Daniel (Josh Bowman) are back together—well, they're talking, at least. Plus, Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) rises again. And how is Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) getting played in all of this?

Find out what went down on Revenge now!

Emily Warns Daniel: It's nice to see them friendly, yes? Emily calls Daniel—after he tricks Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) to leave the room—and fills him in on the fact Charlotte is likely being set up when it comes to her drug test. Daniel confronts Thomas and tries to get Charlotte out, but C thinks Daniel and Conrad (Henry Czerny) are in cahoots to drown her bank account. Emily comes to the hospital also, where Charlotte informs her she is leaving the country with Victoria. 

Conrad and Victoria Are BFFs?!: Victoria realizes she can't pay the White Haired Man for the faux passports unless she gets her hands on Charlotte's money. Once V figures out that's not going to happen, she needs to call Conrad in for help. Meanwhile, Emily is watching in on this convo and decides she is going to take Victoria's daughter away since V took her mother from her.

Not the Father?: Amanda (Margarita Levieva) tells Emily that Jack (Nick Wechsler) may not be the father and confesses to having a one night stand. Amanda seems to be freaking about the paternity test and wants Emily to fix the results for her. Emily asks for something in return. Before we know what really happened, Jack finds out he "is" the father. Yeah, we're not buying that either. Guess who is? Charlotte—she wants to be part of Amanda's life. Hello, Aunt Char!

Nolan Gets His: Through all of this, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) is being audited and Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria), an accounting analyst for Nolan, suggests Nolan gets a CFO.

Gordon Murphy, aka The White Haired Man: We already know WHM is working with Victoria, he and Emily call a peace of sorts, in exchange for some interesting information. It's revealed he never killed Emily's mom, although those were his orders. Emily's mom could have taken down the Graysons, so she was ordered to die since her testimony would have ruined them, but the White Haired Man never killed her.

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