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"Clearly we're going to be slamming into some hyper-psycho sexual complications!" This is how Revenge star Gabriel Mann describes what's ahead for his character Nolan and that bisexual love triangle we just told you about. That scoop, by the way, was apparently news to Gabriel.

"You guys scooped me!" Gabriel told us at last night's Environmental Media Awards. "I hadn't even heard that yet. I literally re-tweeted that in the Prius on the way here!"

Emily VanCamp and Joshua Bowman also were on hand to present. And Emily gave us this tease for season two, which premieres tonight: "It's sort of like a love square. There's so many love things happening everywhere! It's a lot of fun… We have a new character Aiden, played by Barry Sloane, who is sort of a new love interest [for Emily], who was an old love interest and betrayed me at a certain point. And you'll see that story unfold." Yeah, well, we can't imagine it ends well, seeing how Emily usually treats those who burn her.

Oh, and Spoiler Alert! Josh Bowman told us there is "something along the lines of a death" in tonight's premiere. Ruh-roh! And Emily adds: "We'll start off and you'll sort of [see] an event that we'll have to work our way up to like last season. I'm tied to a post and it's just crazy. Just when you think it can't get any more dramatic, it does somehow. But it's a great season and I hope people like it."

And Gabriel himself can't wait to see how the bisexual love triangle (with a new female lover and old male fling) plays out. "All I know as of yet is that …last season Nolan was dating a sociopathic psychotic. This year things start off at a little bit more of a leisurely pace. Clearly, we're going to be slamming into some hyper-psycho sexual complications. Hopefully less on the psycho more on the complications piece of that. Yeah but I mean…It's always 50 Shades of Revenge. Hopefully it's 150 Shades of Revenge this year. Last year they managed to cram 20 episodes of story into one episode. This season we're cramming 40 episodes of story into one episode!"

We can't wait. The hyper-psycho-sexual craziness starts tonight on ABC!

 —Reporting by Catt Sadler and Marc Malkin

Check out the full video interviews with Emily, Josh and Gabriel below!

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