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The wait is over! Claire Danes and Damian Lewis proved those Emmys were well deserved during the Homeland season two premiere tonight.

We knew there was going to be some memory loss and that there would be a time jump, so where did we find Carrie Mathison and Nick Brody? 

Here are eight takeaways from "The Smile" and what you can expect coming up:

Carrie's a Teacher: Months have passed since Carrie's ECT treatment. So, how has she spent her time away from the CIA? We find Carrie teaching ESL (English as a second language) students. 

Brody Has Traded His Uniform for a Suit: Just want to give Lewis a shout-out for how good he looks rocking a tie this season. Very nice, Congressman Brody! Or is Vice President Brody? It's revealed that Brody is a contender to be on the ticket with Walden in the upcoming election. 

She's Baaack (Sorta): One of Carrie's assets in Beirut resurfaces for the first time since 2005 and tells Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) that she has intel on an attack on America, but she will only talk to Carrie. David Estes (David Harewood) asks Carrie to go to Beirut for three days and meet with the woman to find out what she knows. But in Estes one-liner fashion he clarifies: "Just so we're clear, this isn't you getting your job back, this is you being a good citizen."

He's Baaack (Sorta): It only took 26 minutes for Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban) to find his way to Brody… in the form of a pretty journalist, who is there to deliver a mission. Bottom line: Nazir is over the nonviolent, "I'll influence lawmakers" approach Brody thought they had agreed upon. Nope, Nazir is planning to violently hit an American target and he needs Brody's help. 

"What If I Told You My Dad's a Muslim?": Dana (Morgan Saylor) lets Brody's big secret slip during "morning meeting." Later on, Brody has to come clean and tell Jessica that it's true and she does not handle it well.

Meet Kate Morrissey: Carrie, or Kate for 72 hours, preps at a CIA safe house to learn her identity for the next three days. Danes definitely pulls off the brown hair, but Carrie is a little off her game as a CIA agent.

Mission Break Into Estes' Safe: Meanwhile, back in the States, Nazir wanted Brody to get an encrypted list of possible terrorist targets out of Estes' safe, and Brody does it. No! What happened to his, "I am not a terrorist" mindset? 

You've Been Made: When Carrie lands in Beirut she is supposed to meet Saul, but realizes she's being followed. After some ass-kicking, Carrie shakes her tail (if you think that's a dance move, you are reading the wrong recap). Did you notice her huge smile while she got away? That's the Carrie Mathison we all know and love!


Double Dealing: Brody is still majorly conflicted about how much he wants to follow Abu Nazir. His loyalties will be tested big time next episode, and you might not like the outcome.

Brody & Carrie Forever?: Remember, both Danes and Lewis acknowledged their "surprise" love story backstage at the Emmys, so we will get some Carrie and Brody interaction this season. It just might not be as soon as you would hope. 

A Major Revelation: File this under biggest tease ever. The ending of next Sunday's episode might be the best to date. 

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