Kristen Stewart isn't the only Twilight star taking a walk on the wild side of movie-making.

You have to check out Ashley Greene in her new flick, Butter!

And only we have the exclusive clip showing the Twi-beauty getting it on with Olivia Wilde.

Not only does Wilde's character (she plays a hooker, by the way) appear to be orally pleasing Greene's, but they end their romp in the sack with a hot makeout session.

And who would have thought all this steaminess would be featured in a movie about—get ready for it—butter?

Jennifer Garner stars in the flick (it's available On Demand now and will be in theaters Oct. 5) as a Sarah Palin-esque overachiever who battles it out with a young girl in their town's annual butter carving contest. Ty Burrell is her husband, Greene is their daughter and Hugh Jackman plays her ex-boyfriend.

"She is a good kisser," Greene told us back in February about Ms. Wilde. "And I would know this because we had to do several takes."

She also pointed out, "Gay men, straight men, straight girls and lesbians all want to kiss Olivia Wilde I think."

No arguing with that—especially after getting a taste of this slice of Butter.

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