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Fall TV is here, and we are getting y'all ready for the small-screen excitement by dishing out TV scoop like it's our job. Oh, wait. It is.  

Today's Spoiler Chat has a How I Met Your Mother tease from none other than Neil Patrick Harris, and Lea Michele talks to us about Glee's second Britney Spears tribute episode. All that, plus scoop on NCIS, New Girl, Scandal and more...

Tracie W.: Give me some hope for Barney and Robin on HIMYM!
Yes, ma'am! Neil Patrick Harris laid down the gist of what we're going to expect this season on How I Met Your Mother. "I know that we've sort of doing this whole season backwards so we're starting the season with establishing that these relationships won't work out," he says. "We're flashing to where they end up and then the whole season will kind of be how we get to point B from point A. And then you get to see like with a little perspective how bittersweet it could be. Hopefully more sweet and not as bitter on my part!" More sweet, indeed!

@zoyaroses: Can you give me some spoilers about the early episodes of #NCIS? :) #SpoilerChat
Pauley Perrette talked up the NCIS season premiere so much that we wish we could fast forward to Sept. 25 so we could watch it right now! "We literally bring the audience back with season 10 just moments after [the explosion]," she tells us. "The fans get to live with the characters in the aftermath of that explosion, try to find out who is hurt, who is there, what's happening. And then even the psychological effects of something that traumatic. It's quite a ride. It's fantastic. We're so excited about it. We can't wait for the fans to see it."

GLEE, Lea Michele, Dean Geyer

Mike Yarish/FOX

GleefanTrixie: Thanks for posting the video of Lea's sexy Britney song! Any more scoop on tonight's Glee?
Cassandra's (Kate Hudson) backstory is pretty great (turns out she was thiiiisclose to being a bona fide Broadway star...but her freakout on an audience member during a live performance did not go over well!), and a fun fact from set: Lea Michele's sexy "Oops I Did It Again" performance (you saw the video, right?) was so stripped-down-naughty, Lea was wrangling some serious nerves: "I was literally just sitting in my chair thinking, ‘Maybe I should take a shot or something!'" she told us on set during a break from filming. "All of a sudden I got so nervous. I just decided to block out the fear and literally have an out-of-body experience!" It worked.

Eliza in Atlanta: Please keep those Scandal spoilers coming. You are my queen, Kristin!
Darby Stanchfield says the new season can be described in two words: "office politics." "There is a lot of scandal that goes on just within Olivia Pope & Associates that is very delicious and is beyond everybody's imagination. It's just thrilling," she tells us. "There are little fires happening all over just inside the office. And, by the way, there are fires outside the office that we're putting out on a daily basis. It is a sophisticated season. There are so many storylines going on and so many levels of scandal. I'm very excited." Oh, we're just as excited as you are...probably more so!

Jared: What have you got on New Girl?
It's that time of the month in the New Girl apartment. No, literally, it is, as Jess' strong case of PMS will start affecting the three boys, who are convinced they're now on her "cycle." It's about to get all emotional up in this comedy, y'all!


Cliff Lipson/CBS

@jmorgue: I need some help getting through the next two long weeks until the premiere of #CSINY. Do you have anything to help?
Sela Ward might have something to help out with that. She has more "There are a lot of fun things coming up. We've already shot in San Francisco. Peter Horton has come back to act. He came back to play my love interest and we had a great time," she tells us. "We've shot a show in silence for the most part, à la The Artist and Green Day is going to tell the story with their music, which is really interesting." Count us in!

Tom: I know you guys are Nurse Jackie fans, so any chance for some scoop???
You are correct, sir. Huge Nurse Jackie fans over here at Team WWK, which is why we're so thrilled to be able to share this piece of scoop with you. The new season of the Showtime hit will bring us a new ER doctor, and he is the exact opposite of Dr. Cooper, except for the fact that his bedside manner is not the greatest. Dr. Will Prentiss will be coming off a three-year stint in battlefield triage in Afghanistan when he comes to All Saints, and his drug of choice is adrenaline. How will he fit in with Jackie, whose drug of choice is usually narcotics? We'll have to wait for next spring to find that out.

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—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins & Tierney Bricker

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