GLEE, Lea Michele

Mike Yarish/FOX

She did it again and there is no "Oops" here, people!

Behold, your very first sneak peek at Lea Micheles über-sexy Britney Spears tribute number, "Oops I Did It Again," in which Lea channels her inner sex goddess. [Note: We are pretty sure at least one hardwood table was impregnated during the filming of this scene.] It goes down in this Thursday's Glee, and let the record show, Lea is hotter than evah.

Hot enough, you may remember, that she called her real-life boyfriend Cory Monteith to come to set to see this performance, saying, "Trust me, you don't want to miss this." He showed up. Smart man.

More Glee scoop in today's Spoiler Chat!

Watch the sexy performance now, before your computer bursts into flames:

Fun facts I gathered while on set:

  • There are at least three So You Think You Can Dance all-stars dancing in this number. See if you can spot them! (Hint: One was a recent winner. One was her partner. And the other is perhaps the cutest male contender of all time.)
  • Lea Michele is extremely flexible. When asked by new costar Dean Geyer (Brody) how far down he could drop her as she split open her legs, she told him: "Don't you worry. I can go all the way down to the floor." And yup, she did. 
  • Another choice quote during the shoot from Lea to Dean (who is apparently, a little shy when it comes to some of the more, um, adult moves): "Why aren't your hands on me? It's OK. You can actually touch me!" Gotta love her gusto!
  • Lea's dancing skills are only getting better and better...Clearly her cat-claw of a dance professor Kate Hudson will have to approve, right? Yeah, not so much.
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