Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Deathly Hallows

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If Emma Watson ever wanted to go to a pub before she was of legal age, it turns out she could have used Hermione Granger's ID!

The cleverest member of the Harry Potter gang turns 33 today (she's such a Virgo, isn't she?)—which is odd, considering she hardly looks a day over 22.

Hermione entered Hogwarts as a frizzy-haired youngster and, though she initially didn't win friends and influence people with her know-it-all tendencies, she eventually became Harry's best friend—and, after Voldemort had been vanquished, Ron Weasley's wife!

Though being an especially gifted witch probably makes for endless possibilities when it comes to birthday celebrations, we have a suggestion.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, featuring Watson in her first starring role since the Harry Potter franchise unspooled its final film, hits theaters Friday!

We think Hermione, being as exacting as she is, might want to check up on what her equally estimable alter ego is up to these days. No Polyjuice Potion required!

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