Spring Breakers First Look: Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens Are Good Girls Gone Bad

Ashley Benson also stars in the indie movie set to debut at Toronto International Film Festival

By John Boone Aug 29, 2012 5:51 PMTags

Hey you, with the High School Musical sweatshirt and Tiger Beat magazine pages taped in your locker. Take that goody-two-shoes nonsense somewhere else! Because Vanessa Hudgens ain't your Disney darling anymore.

And neither is Selena Gomez, for that matter. While Vanessa may be shedding any residual good-girl image—and clothes—a bit faster, both ladies are going gritty in their upcoming indie film. And it's far indi-er than we ever imagined, complete with shaky cam and lots of dramatic close-ups!

The movie centers on four college gals who find themselves in jail after robbing a restaurant to fund their spring break vacation, to later be bailed out by a Kevin Federline-esque drug dealer. "I'm so tired of seeing the same thing every single day," Selena lackadaisically ponders while the foursome sits in a cell. "Everybody's miserable here because everybody sees the same things."

#whitegirlproblems, eh? And all the while Vanessa is busting out some imaginary guns, playing sniper before turning the gun on her boobies (we think?!) and then her head. Edgy! And yet we still cannot wait to see what other trouble these bikini-clad babes get in when the film debuts at the Tortonto International Film Festival.