Nicolas Cage, Vanessa Hudgens, Frozen Ground


As any former child star worth their headlines knows, there's no better way to shed your Mickey Mouse ears than by shedding the rest of your clothes too. And this time it's Vanessa Hudgens' turn, playing a stripper and doing lots of stripper stuff in the leaked trailer for Frozen Ground.

The film is a thriller that centers on Glenn Flothe (played by Nicolas Cage's hair with the rest of Nic along for the ride), an Alaskan detective tracking a serial killer (that'd be John Cusack) who has been killing off coeds for 13 years. Vanessa plays an almost-victim-turned-pole dancer who gets caught in the middle.

The unfinished trailer was quickly removed from YouTube (if you search hard enough, though, you surely can find a copy floating around the Net). And while the clip may have disappeared, loads of questions still linger:

Did Vanessa take stripping lessons from Lindsay Lohan? Actually, how is it even possible that a strip-centric movie looks worse than I Know Who Killed Me? What is the accent she's using, exactly? Region and dialect, please. Why is Nic Cage coughing? Where is 50 Cent in this trailer? Why is 50 Cent in this movie? Why is this movie a movie?

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