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It's time to weigh in on a multicolored Thakoon dress thing that Eva Mendes wore for a shopping trip in West Hollywood this week.

Now, before you vote, her are some ground rules: You cannot let the amazingness of Eva's legs, face or anything else sway your decision.

The fact that she's sleeping with Ryan Gosling also, for the purpose of this vote, is neither here nor there. You must focus solely on the blue puff between the actress' neck and her thighs.

However, you may, if you must, factor in those blocky yellow sandals which, depending on your perspective, either showcase Eva's legs all the better or just make the gal look like Jan Brady during one of her Marcia-Marcia-Marcia meltdowns.

The rules have been set before you. Now, make your voice heard on Eva's billowing blue wonder: Gotta have it or make it stop?

Fashion Police August 23 Poll
Do you love or hate Eva Mendes' Thakoon dress?
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