We already knew that a couple of Project Runway designers melted down this season before Heidi Klum had the chance to oust them.

But we didn't get to see it until tonight. And even then, when someone just up and leaves in the middle of the night, you still don't get to really see it!

Frankly, once the show premiered—and after Tim Gunn told her midcreation last week that he was "frankly, very concerned"—we knew Andrea Katz wouldn't be going far.

But could you tell she was a quitter?

"So who did really crappy work who actually won something?" she absentmindedly asked challenge partner Christopher Palu, who won the season's first task and was visibly ticked off at the 58-year-old New Yorker as they toiled away on an outfit for a past Project Runway designer.

"Honey, I love you," he replied facetiously, "but just sew the skirt."

Sure enough, the mismatched partnership resulted in a bottom-three showing, and they argued backstage over what went down in the workroom.

"I like working with Chris, even though he thinks I'm a pain in the ass...I truly had to laugh at myself that I'd be making myself absolutely nuts over a dress," Andrea said.

"I'm happy you had a laugh, but I was screaming inside," Chris lamented.

"There's part of me that feels if I get knocked out, it's sort of like a relief at this point, you know?" Andrea continued, prompting an onslaught of "I gave up my life to be here!" from her palpably annoyed fellow contestants.

And maybe that's what prompted her drastic decision.

In an unusual twist, Project Runway ended tonight with a "The Next Morning" preview that revealed Andrea had fled the competiton in the middle of the night.

So there you have it. Surprised? And who's next?!

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