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Fashion is a cutthroat business.

Need some proof? Project Runway's got you covered as the high drama goes hand-in-hand with high fashion on Lifetime's reality hit series. Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn and the rest of the gang return tonight for their tenth season and we look back on some of the show's most jaw-dropping moments!

So which moments made our list? Find out...

Andrae Gonzalo

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1. Andrae Gonzalo's Meltdown (Season 2)

It was the breakdown launched by a single question from Heidi Klum: "What were you thinking about during this challenge?" Cue Andrae breaking down and then what does he say? Well, we're not really sure because it was hard to distinguish the words in between his heaving sobs. Judge Nina Garcia bluntly said, "I don't need to hear all this." But the audience did.

Daniel John Vosovic

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2. The Walkoff (Season 2)

Perhaps the most infamous Project Runway quote ever (aside from every one-liner tossed out by Christian Siriano) came courtesy of Daniel Vosovic, who exclaimed, "It's a motherf--cking walkoff" after Zulema Griffin, wearing sunglasses indoors, decided to have three models strut their stuff to remain in the competition. As if that wasn't dramatic enough, she ended up poaching Nick Verreos' model and he was pretty darn pissed. "The walkoff was just to be dramatic," he seethes. And it was!

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Project Runway, Keith Michael

3. Keith Michael Bounced (Season 3)

The show's first big controversy was a doozy: Keith, one of the strongest contestants early on in the season, left the show after producers found pattern-making books in his room (a huge no-no!) and disappeared from production for several hours. Keith denied any wrongdoing, but the damage was done.

Mondo Guerra

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4. Mondo Guerra Reveals He's HIV Positive (Season 8)

Mondo reveals to the judges that look for the tenth challenge, which was to design a look inspired by old family photos, was inspired by his HIV positive status. "The symbolism in the pants are these pluses are positive signs and I've been HIV positive for ten years," he explains. "When I saw these pictures of my family, it brought back a lot of emotion, so I wanted to pull from the past but also give something back of who I am now."

Michael Costello

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5. Michael Costello's Finale Meltdown (Season 8)

Being eliminated from a reality show stinks, but watching this guy, who was knocked out in the first part of the finale, made it seem like the end of the world. While Michael cried a lot during his time on the show, no one was prepared for his meltdown after getting the boot from Heidi & Co. He sobbed in the corner while saying his parents would abandon him for losing. Fortunately for Michael, he was able to come back for the show's All-Star edition and though he didn't win, he didn't have an epic meltdown, either. That's a win in our books!

Project Runway premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

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