Heidi Klum, Project Runway Season 10

Kannie Yu LaPack, Lifetime

We've heard great things about the 10th season of Project Runway.

Not about the caliber of the designers' talent, mind you, but about the unprecedented amount of drama that went on during filming!

But you never know how much wackiness will make its way into the finished product (this show is supposed to be about fabric and stuff, after all). So, as 16 wannabe fashion stars exhibiting various levels of cockiness descended on Parsons in tonight's season premiere, we looked closely for signs of the reported meltdowns to come.

Lifetime of course has had no comment on the gossip but, according to the New York Post, back in June a psychologist was consulted to counsel a nervous male contestant who was ultimately deemed too nervous to carry on. And a female contestant just up and left one night after landing in the bottom three after a challenge.

"They packed their bags because they couldn't make it work," Heidi Klum confirmed to E! News at the 10th-season premiere party this week.

But for now, anyway, all designers are accounted for, minus the sorry soul who was first to be sent home following the "biggest runway presentation in the history" of the show, as Tim Gunn mildly put it.

Sure, Gunnar Deatherage doesn't like Christopher Palu because they're too alike, Ven Budhu thinks he's the one to beat and Raul Osorio thinks Ven's talents are nothing special—but that's all par for the course.

With a slinky yet tailored gown that Klum called "exquisite" and an LBD that was deemed perfectly fine, Christopher was named the first challenge winner of the season.

"Chris had a great gown, but I just don't like his arrogance," Gunnar lamented. "And I know his head is going to swell as big as Parsons."

Well, more of him to love, then.

On the outside, Beatrice Guapo's dull gray knit dress, which had the distinction of meriting Heidi's first use of the word "sad" this season, got her eliminated after the judges decided they weren't curious enough to want more from her.

After watching the season premiere, do you have any guesses as to who's most likely to cave under the pressure? And what do you think of this crop of talent? Sound off in the comments!

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