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Can you smell those storylines being cooked up on your favorite shows? Because based on the scoop that's been rolling in, Revenge, Vampire Diaries, Bones and your other favorites are definitely going to be stirring the pot this TV season!

Also, Kevin McHale was kind enough to give us some thoughtful insight on the first couple of episodes of Glee's fourth season, and not one but two people are getting naked on New Girl! All that, plus Big Bang Theory and more in this edition of Spoiler Chat.

Heather: Revenge scoop, please?!
Ruh-roh, another crime is about to go down in the Hamptons, (Shocking, we know.) The ABC hit is currently casting a detective—a gruff one, who is looking into a recent missing persons case, and an anchor, who is reporting on a tragic crime. It also seems like we'll be seeing more of Nolan's professional life this season as we'll be meeting a funky and cool tech genius. But wait, who goes missing?!

Adam Rose/FOX

Liz in Los Gatos, Calif.: Ryan Murphy has been giving us good Glee scoop on Twitter. Can you add some more about season four?
Of course! Kevin McHale gave us great feedback on the first two scripts he read for this upcoming season. "I was happy that it was different, but it's not," he tells us. "It was a really nice change. It's refreshing because it's a completely different dynamic in the choir room. It's nice that we all kind of get to have our thing and everybody is fighting to see who is going to be the leader." Looks like Artie might be the new big man on campus! Or will it be Sam? Or Blaine? So many options, and we haven't even talked about the ladies of New Directions! That'll be scoop for another time…

Felicia: Needs me some Vampire Diaries information!
It's flashback time, y'all! Episode four will feature the first flashback of season four and we're going waaay back…to the 1100s! We'll meet a vampire hunter named Alexander who was rugged, handsome and charismatic…as vampire hunters tend to be. (Miss you, Alaric!)

Sasha B.: Please update me on these couples from Big Bang Theory: Amy and Sheldon (duh) and Bernadette and Wolowitz!
Double the couple scoop? That is a tall order! Luckily, we got some great teases from executive producer Steven Molaro about those four lovebirds. First, Sheldon and Amy: "She's still trying to drag him forward into a deeper relationship and he's dragging his feet every step of the way," he tells us. "We'll see how far she can get him." As for the newlyweds: "There will be some gift getting. I can tell you that much," Molaro says. "It's going to be tough because her new husband is off in space for the first few episodes. She can expect to be home and hanging out with her girlfriends for a while."

Autumn Dewilde/FOX

Gisele in Chicago: New Girl scoop! I'm dying without new episodes.
Here's a fun little tidbit: To really bookend the series premiere and the season-two premiere and make a complete circle of TV life, the New Girl writers have decided to once again make Schmidt shirtless in the first episode back. The twist? Someone else will be shirtless with him.

Tracey: Any more CSI: NY scoop?
Remember how we told you that the writers planned on going home with each of the characters on their days off? Well, they are going to deliver in season nine and Flack is first up. Showrunner Pam Veasey tells us it's an emotional episode and we will definitely be seeing Flack's sister, played by Kathleen Munroe, again.

Terry: Haven't gotten any Bones scoop lately. What gives?
We think it might be because we found out the title for the second episode of Bones' eighth season, and it's left us feeling unsettled: "The Parents in the Divorce." We don't like the sound of that! But since the episode revolves around a couple who's reconciling during their divorce proceedings, the title probably is referring to that, so we won't panic just yet.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Christina Dowling

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