In Total Recall, Jessica Biel plays an ass kickin' rebel agent who teams up with Colin Farrell to, well, kick some futuristic ass. And take down an evil corporation that plays tricky mind games, but hey, that's all in a day's work, right?

And in between all that, Jess and Colin steal some time for smoochin'. So does her real life fiancé, Justin Timberlake, ever get jealous of her heartthrob costars?!

"You know, there's just such respect," Jessica revealed to E!'s own Ashlan Gorse at the movie's press junket this weekend. "Everybody's cool, everybody's professional. And so, no, it's just cool that way."

But while everything might be "cool" in the kissing department, how does such a high profile couple keep things normal behind the scenes?

" This job that we do is a super cool job, and it has amazing perks, and it's really special, but it is just a job," Jessica explained. "When you break it all down, you have to make a balance for your personal life. You have to make time to see your family, you have to make time to see your partner, your friends. You have to build that into your schedule. And if you don't, I don't know how anything works."

It probably also helps that she makes cutsie moves like donning her beau's name on a necklace. And that she realizes how truly bizarre Hollyweird is and has considered setting up a family away from the limelight (she told Instyle she could see the couple settling down in Colorado).

But, before the wedding bells ring and the pitter patter of little feet is heard, is are there any gigs that Jess wants to land?

"I would love to do some kind of great, epic…like Elizabeth: The Golden Age, playing an incredible woman in history who just made a major dent on the world. That would be amazing, something like that," she gushed, name-dropping the Cate Blanchett biopic of Queen Elizabeth I. "Maybe another great comedy, something even like raunchy girl comedy like Bridesmaids. I'd love to check that world out."

Or maybe a combo deal?! That could be hilariously odd. And while Jessica is certainly loose lipped on her future IMDb listings, there's one thing she's not letting slip: Wedding details!

When Ashlan asked Jessica if the twosome had set a wedding date, Ms. Biel quickly laughed back, "Girl, you know I can't tell you that! Good try anyway. Good try!"

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