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Comedians have not only been in the news a lot lately, but they've also been in hot water.

Daniel Tosh got heat for making a rape joke during a recent standup routine, while Dane Cook decided a week was long enough to make a poor attempt to turn the tragic Aurora shooting into a funny set. As a fellow comedian who is no stranger to controversy, Russell Brand has some opinions on the matter.

"Well, I think if someone's job is a comedian, and they say something, in the analysis of the content of their statement, you should recall that they're a comedian," he said at the TCA Press Tour. "I 've noticed that people have removed [the fact that they're comedians] from the analysis to create this storm of condemnation."

He added: "I don't know what Dane Cook and Daniel Tosh said, but I know they are comedians and they are nice human beings. So I can't imagine they had any intention other than eliciting laughter from their fellow human beings, as is their job."

Brand ended his take with this warning: "I don't think you should create a state where you're afraid to talk. That could have much worse consequences."

Later, Brand was asked about possible upcoming guests on his FX show BrandX with Russell Brand, and when the comedian admitted he didn't have any famous people in mind, someone offered up Sarah Palin. What would he ask her? His response simply cannot be described, only transcribed:

"I think we all know. I would go straight to the subtext. I think that the reason Sarah Palin has been so long-tolerated is because of that latent inquisition surrounding the vagina. People want to f--k her, don't they? That's why you tolerate the other stuff! The d--k don't lie!"

Realizing that was the sound bite we were all waiting for, Brand turned toward the lectern where FX head of PR John Solberg was standing and said: "John, you could have had me out of here before I said that! Now I just said I'd f--k Sarah Palin!"

Finally, a reporter couldn't resist bringing up Brand's sentence to perform community service in New Orleans for throwing a photog's phone through a window and asking what he'll be doing while he's there.

"I don't know, tidying up or something probably. I don't know what their format of community service is," he says. "It doesn't seem like a punishment, it seems like a duty. Community is a duty, service is an honor and I'll be happy to do it."

Brand did have to applaud the reporter for his attention to detail when asking about the incident. "I wish you'd been there in court. We could have done with your meticulous insight," he joked.

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