New Magic Mike Trailer Makes Us Feel Like Giddy School Girls

It's raining men, all right, and we don't mind one bit

By Bruna Nessif Jun 07, 2012 2:00 AMTags

Warning: This trailer will bring out your naughty side—embrace it.

Obviously, this isn't the first Magic Mike trailer that has graciously landed on our laps, but the initial glimpse of the flick provided us with a love story (ugh) that we weren't expecting. We just wanted to see some half-naked and chiseled bods dancing around for dollar bills.

And, well, someone was listening.

It's raining men, y'all!

Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Adam Rodriguez and company give us the tantalizing and giggly performance we've been waiting to see (not to mention Tatum's side-worm, humpy dance move that makes all of us blush uncontrollably).

We would say that the wait for this film's release has officially become unbearable (FYI: June 29 is the big day).

Oh, and you're welcome.