Sure, love looks like the best thing ever when Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum are all happily married and over-the-moon for each other. But all it takes is one memory-erasing car wreck to send even the sexiest couples back to square one.

In this exclusive peek at the bonus footage from The Vow, on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow, McAdams—in her second go-round as a Nicholas Sparks-tormented heroine—gets emotional describing her character Paige's struggle to put her life back together, while Leo, the husband she has no connection to, tries desperately to win her back.

"Just the knowledge that you love them doesn't mean a lot," she says ruefully. (Now, excuse us as we sob for a moment...)

"It's disbelief at first, to complete denial of him, to 'OK, let's give it a shot,' and when that doesn't work, trying to muscle her way through it," McAdams explains.

But, Leo's efforts work, right? They have to work!

"The mountain you have to climb to get over that is huge," McAdams says. But at least Leo, as you Vow takers out there already know, firmly believes that if Paige loved him once, she'll be able do it again.

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