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Now that Kate Gosselin's show is wrapping up, will the kids remain famous on their own? What will happen to them?
—ProGrass, via the inbox

You speak of Kate Plus 8, which has been eighty-sixed—oh come on, you walked into that—and has disappeared from reality television. It's true that Gosselin is fighting this act of mercy, struggling, if you believe reports, to stay barely relevant as a guest host on The Talk. She also has indicated that her kids aren't going anywhere, but as for who might hire them, here's what I can tell you...

First of all, she herself probably has no idea.

"I'm sure you'll still see my kids at some point," Kate told Today last month, adding that it would depend on "if the right thing came along."

By "the right thing," Gosselin apparently means big corporations, with big cash. She later tweeted about one of her 10-year-old girls, "Aww that Mady… So well-spoken! Wants to do MORE TV!!! Disney anyone? Lol."

Right. High-larious. Anyway, would a classy outfit like Disney ever bite? Not likely, not unless Mady, or one of the other seven Gosselin kids, started taking song and dance lessons pronto.

"So much of the Disney talent is triple threat," says manager Marrissa O'Leary, who represents some reality stars trying to cross over into acting. "They're not looking for someone who just does one thing. They're looking for Miley Cyrus."

The kids also need to have natural talent, not merely a numbness to cameras that comes with being famous since one was a fetus, or a flair for drama, which Mady has displayed on the show for years.

"The people who break through from reality to TV and film are the ones who have talent, like Jennifer Hudson," says agent Mara Santino, who discovered Chace Crawford. "You have to have talent in order to work. They're not going to hire you because you were on a reality show."

No, "they" won't. But they may take a meeting or a phone call or slide the kid into an audition she wouldn't normally get. That's the upside.

"With children you have nothing to lose by taking a meeting," says Bonnie Shumofsky of Abrams Artists‘ Youth Department. "When someone has a name, sure, they are more likely to get in the door. But there's no promise you will get past that."

So where is Mady most likely to end up, if not on a musical Disney series? Would you be shocked to hear that I am predicting another reality show, one charting the ups and downs of stage mom Kate Gosselin's quest for daughter Mady's fame?

"That's the show I would bank on," O'Leary speculates. "A stage mother show. It would be the easiest thing to do."

Not to mention the cheapest: No singing lessons required.

—Additional reporting by the E! News Team

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