Jon And Kate Plus 8

Jon Gosselin Has “No Idea” Why He’s Estranged From His Kids

Jon Gosselin got candid on being estranged from most of the children he shares with ex-wife Kate Gosselin, noting that he has had no closure since the falling out.

July 19, 2023

Jon & Kate Gosselin's Daughter Mady CLAPS BACK at Online Trolls

Jon and Kate Gosselin's daughter Mady Gosselin claps back on TikTok about comments regarding her family. Get the details!

February 7, 2023

Jon and Kate Gosselin's Daughter Mady Slams Narrative That She and Siblings Are "Crazy Child Stars"

Jon and Kate Gosselin's daughter Mady Gosselin clapped back on TikTok after comments about her family surfaced: "It is sending me over the edge."

February 7, 2023

Collin Gosselin Reveals Where He Really Stands With Estranged Mom Kate Gosselin

In a rare interview, Collin Gosselin, 18, shared what led to his estranged relationship with mom Kate Gosselin: "I want to believe it was because of TV."

November 28, 2022