Channing Tatum, Matthew Bomer, Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello; USA;; HBO

We already told you that Steven Soderbergh is game to have the stars of Magic Mike go Full Monty.

But the real deciding factor on whether we'll see the goods? The cast! Sources close to the production say that Steven will go as far as his hottie castmembers are "willing" to.

So which piece of man candy do you think will go all the way?

Alex Pettyfer We've said it before and we'll say it again: Our money's on Alex to drop trou first.

The Hollywood bad boy hasn't been shy about showing off his body (and infamously mysterious tattoo) in the past, and he's got the most to prove in this movie, seeing as he had to fight to nab the role. Ground-breaking nudity will also help him break away from those cheesy sci-fi films he did and make a name for himself in this town.

Channing Tatum He's the only true stripper of the pack, so why not show off what earned him the moolah?

The movie is based on his prefame days as a dancer, so he knows his way around the stage better than any of the other guys. And the star doesn't have anything to worry about on the home front, because his wifey, Jenna Dewan, has said she's more than proud of "Chan Crawford's" exotic past.

Joe Manganiello Well, his character isn't called Big Dick Richie for nothing, after all.

The hunky True Blood werewolf has never been shy about showing off his muy-sculpted bod. So hopefully the HBO hit got him comfy with being nude on set ‘cause he's going to need it when he suits up in his birthday suit (and little else) for Magic Mike. And here we thought T.B. was already très risqué.

Matt Bomer The black horse of the bunch, in our opinion, is definitely good boy Matty Bomer.

While we wouldn't mind seeing more of Matt than just his uh-mazing abs, we're confident the White Collar star will keep his itty-bitty bikini bottom on throughout the flick. But who knows? Maybe Matt has a secret wild side and is just itching to let it all hang out on the big screen.

But it's up to you (for now, at least): Which star do you think will strip down first? Or better yet, which do you want to see get all nakey?

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Which Magic Mike stripper will strip it all off?
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