The Dark Knight

Warner Bros.

No, you're not dreaming.

There are reports that a certain Academy Award winner may be following in the female footsteps of Anne Hathaway and is getting ready to begin shooting The Dark Knight Rises in London this summer.

OK, we won't leave you in the, er, dark any longer. The actress who might just be hanging out with the Caped Crusader is... 





Marion Cotillard, Inception


Marion Cotillard!

The word on the street is that the Oscar winner is in talks and, according to some, has even already come on board to play a role in the highly anticipated sequel.

While sources for People back up a story in a French newspaper that Cotillard signed on to the project in Paris over the weekend, a rep for the actress has informed the Hollywood Reporter that she is "in discussions, but nothing has been confirmed yet."

Of course, if Cotillard does pay a visit to Gotham City, The Dark Knight Rises could end up being quite the reunion.

First, Inception director Christopher Nolan, who's also helming the next Batman flick, announced that Tom Hardy will take on the villainous role of Bane. Then, it was reported that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in talks to join the cast.

Hmm, could Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page be far behind?

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